Attached Document 1 is a report addressed to the Ahuriri Community Board from the Waitaki District Council’s Contracts’ Engineer – Water Facilities.

The report is titled – Protecting the Otematata Water Supply from recontamination.

This matter was tabled at the Otematata Residents’ Association Inc,  meeting held on Saturday 19 March.

The recommendation made in this report that chlorine be added to the Otematata water supply, was met with united opposition from members of the ORAI present at this meeting.

It was decided that a petition be undertaken to gauge reaction to this recommendation and to see whether or not residents and ratepayers want chlorine added to the town water supply or not, and to 

The second document shows the results ofwater quality test samples sent to Citilab, Dunedin by an Otematata ratepayer in June 2015.

This testing was undertaken as concern had arisen when blue staining was noticed in some household utilities

The tests explain the likely reason for this staining and also showed that the water supply was deemed SUITABLE FOR DRINKING.

Please indicate YES or NO on the petition forms on display in various locations in Otematata.  Thanks.

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