Kurow Golf Club

The Kurow Golf Club is situated at 5 Manse Road, Kurow.  

It is a 9-hole course and the Club welcomes you for an enjoyable day out.  We also do twilight golf.

Ladies Golf Club.
Women new to golf will enjoy playing 9 holes on a Wednesday at 11.30 am.
Contact Aileen on 436 0854 for more information.

Keen golfers can go out on a Wednesday at 10.30 am for 18 holes. 
Contact Janeen on 436 0897 for more information.


Kurow Golf Club
P O Box 16, Kurow

Ph. 436 0870  
Fx. 436 0857  

Club Secretary: Graeme Peters 027 6719 631

Ross Haugh 436 0412      Hamish Benny 436 0897      Janeen Benny 436 0897