Otematata Residents' Association win Trustpower Waitaki District Community Award

Otematata Residents’ Association have won the Trustpower Waitaki District Community Award for contributions to Community Services.

Source: Otematata Chronicle
"The winner of the Sports and Leisure category is the Otematata Residents’ Association. This group has been tasked with managing community facilities such as the Community Hall, local amenities and other public places. But more than simply overseeing the care of these facilities, they have been fundraising themselves to add more amenities to the area. There are no paid employees in this association and their list of achievements is certainly inspiring. A strong focus over the last twelve months has been the playground where they have constructed concrete pathways and added a skateboard area. On top of this the tennis courts have been tidied up, they have extended the volley wall, provided netball hoops, a walkway was designed and built through the wetlands, five picnic tables have been erected, other walkways have been signposted and a drainpipe has been replaced. The Otematata Residents’ Association have been working hard to beautify their ‘spot of paradise’ to ensure it can be used and enjoyed by all. There is certainly great community spirit in Otematata and they are very fortunate to be supported by you and your group of committed volunteers. Congratulations.”

Posted: Sun 08 Jul 2012