Services in Kurow and the Waitaki Valley

Need a doctor in Kurow? Want to know where to take your rubbish and recycling to in the Waitaki Valley? What about the local library and gymnasium? Check out the services available in Kurow and the Waitaki Valley.

Kurow Medical Centre in the Waitaki Valley, gateway to the high country, lakes and rivers, renowned for excellent fishing, and jet boating.

The practice is staffed by one doctor during working hours 4 days a week and a nurse is in attendance at the same time. The Kurow St John and Kurow Fire Bridgade operate from their own premises, each less than 1 minute by car away from the Kurow Medical Centre.

The community is very supportive of the practice and the current register is approximately 1492 with numbers swelling over the summer months from casual tourists and seasonal workers. The practice population is a standard age mix with many farmers and outdoors people. Health issues a usual mix of accidents (farm, recreational) diabetes, age related problems, etc.

Medtech Global provides the software used at Kurow Medical Centre.

We have a weekly physiotherapy clinic run from our premises and prescriptions are faxed through and delivered the same day from Mackenzie Pharmacy which operates in Twizel.